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The company MESURTEC Sarl is the former FLINTEC Sarl company, who changed its name from the 1st January 2012, but who is still going on a closed
collaboration with the Flintec group (learn more :
The change of the name signifies that Mesurtec is now developping and producing his own range of load cell weighing transmitters,
as well digital as analogue weight transmitters.
The production is closed to Lyon, France and based on high quality and short delivery time aspects.

The huge product range and the modular construction of the range allows to find a quick and easy answer to each problem, even if a special developpment is necessary.
The continously growing number of OEM customers and big companies shows the mutual customer-Mesurtec benefit of this strategy.

The modular system allows as well to offer packages with even more competitive prices than weighing products coming from low cost countries.

The closed contact to chosen partners like
FLINTEC, SYSTEC and RINSTRUM, but as well mechanical suppliers, allows to offer a complete range founded
on a special knowledge. Moreover, this network permits an almost world wide after sales service.

Mesurtec typcial customer is either a small, special supplier (intergrator) or a mid-sized or even big international OEM-customer.
Standard solutions are even available in ATEX for load cells, digital and analogue weighing transmitters are leading in price, technology and quality.
These points that sound like cheap marketing are based on a high modular conception, like in car industry.
This keeps prices and developpment times low and all modular elements are quality tested.

All the supply chain partners are based in Europe, especialy in France, in Germany and in Spain, to keep the quality control closed and to have short reaction times.

The quality of Mesurtec and Flintec products has not to be prooven further and is well known. For exemple, the number of problems in digital weighing transmitters is lower than 0,1% and the load cells exist with IP69K protection and special surface treatment against corosion.

Our company address is :
Germany and worldwide : Mesurtec GmbH, Kiefernstrasse 33, D-66129 SAARBRÜCKEN
France : Mesurtec Sarl, 14 rue Professeur Deperet, F-69160 TASSIN LA DEMI-LUNE,
Phone: (+33) 4 72 53 63 71, Fax : (+33) 4 72 53 63 72, please contact Mr. POETSCH.
(or by mail - please without the spaces we put in to avoid spam): mesurtec  @

In order to know your local partner please send us a mail, because the partner can change from one product to another, depending on the country.

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be open to your enquiry and can already guarantee that we will keep your enquiry confidential.